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Jesse Alford Founded Like Magazine with Maryanne Alford in the Summer of 2011.

"Like Magazine was the ‘new’ that we and so many others were yearning for through these pivotal years. Embracing nostalgia and our wiser perspectives featuring Fashion, Music and Art; connecting with a world wide reader base that brought so many rad people together. Along with full issues we released hardcopy mini issues, covered major events, threw some wild parties, produced merchandise and created a life time of memories and accomplishments."

As Editor for Like Magazine

Each team member of Like Magazine killed it; taking on the responsibilities of multiple roles led to the rapid growth and success of Like Magazine. Below, review the positions Jesse Alford stayed active and diligent as:

Art Director: Conceptualized editorial design and direction; worked close with the design team to develop cohesive and captivating layout designs.

Creative Director: Managed and Coordinated Photo Assignments and Interviews with Staff Photographers and Writers; Developed themes for upcoming issues; Strategized with Publicists and advertising clients, developed campaigns for their product.

Content Manger: Delegated detail specific projects to staff for content used in Publication, Website, Social Media and Email Marketing; Reviewed mountains of submissions for webitorial or editorial assessment; proofread editorials, reviews and interviews.

Photographer: Coordinated and Directed photo shoots for fashion editorials, creative portraits for cover stories, lifestyle and product photography for featured articles, event coverage and live performance photography; Video and social media engagement; Photo Editing; interviews and reviews. 

More than 5 million impressions and views later we out grew our selves and closed the doors 9/30/2015. We still have issues and those will live on forever.

issue 014

issue 013 featured as an issuu staff favorite

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