Gallery Direction - Jesse Alford

Jesse Alford had the opportunity to surround himself and others to world renowned artists through his time as Gallery Director at Lux Quaubas Modern Art Gallery of Sacramento, Ca. A cutting edge gallery that encouraged experimentation; surpassing pretty pictures on the wall by creating a captivating environment for the patrons to experience. 

With each exhibit rotation, gallery owner Brian Davis and Jesse would bounce innovative showing possibilities and gallery renovation ideas of how each collection would make you feel when entering the space. "It has been one of the greatest and most fulfilling challenges I have ever been involved with .... I will be thrilled to embrace the passion and excitement of future artists and push them to new levels of success", says Jesse.


'Art and Associates' - Dan Lydersen, Shaun Burner, Rachel Escoto, MJ Lindo, Alison Tharp, Scott McLeod

'A Drug Called Sadness' - Lux Quaubas

'Don't Grow Up It's a Trap' - MJ Lindo 

'Desperate Times' - Alison Tharp

'Process' - Jesse Vasquez 

'Width x Height' - Jared Powell, Ricky Watts

'Girls Girls Girls' - Sarah Marie Hawkins, Hana Haley, Colin O'Neal

'Inside' - Lux Quaubas

'Vulnerable' - Kyle Thaw, Duke Gibo, Elizabeth Amento, Helice Wen

'Your World' - Tom Alford, Dolene Dolzenrok, Lux Quaubas, Stephen V Williams, Molly Devlin 

'The Real Reality' - Dan Lydersen

'Pink and Purple' by, Dan Lydersen

As Gallery Director, Jesse had the opportunity to build wonderful relationships with talented artists, strengthen connections with publications and learn a few things...

• Prop and Set Construction

• Framing and Hanging Fine Art

• Fine Art Transportation and Shipping

• Fine Art Sales

• Budgeting and Sales Forecasting

• Time Management and Scheduling

• Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

• Weekly-Monthly Email Marketing and Campaigns

• Graphic Design for Promotional and Marketing Material

• Constructing Press Releases  

• Advertising 

• Community Engagement 

• Videography and Video Editing

• E-Commerce related Photography and Cataloging

'Awaken' Ricky Watts

'It's Just a Game' by, MJ Lindo

Stephen V Williams and Molly Devlin

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